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crash north near embarcadero road strewn along the freeway, gifts with tags still on them. relatives tell abc 7 news the family left their home around 11:30 last night to go shopping in gilroy. buying gifts to take back to india for the upcoming wedding of a 24-year-old daughter killed in the crash. >> this is they went is to-to-this area, exactly, i don't know yet. because they want to go to india for the marriage. the first one. >> friends and relatives arrived overcome by what happened. about a waurter to 7:00 this morning as they were heading home their lexus suv clipped the baifk chp cruiser parked on the shoulder. the lexus rolled over, ejecting two sisters. the officer just stopped to help of a driver of a truck fixing a flat. the chp says the officer was
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parked in the shoulder he had on his emergency lights in the back. to move left. >> the father driving with his wife, sitting in the back where their four daughters. >> four parties appeared to have been restrained. still under investigation whether or not they will wear seat belts. >> a few line lanes were open and traffic snarled for six hours. >> this is usually a seven minute drive. it took me 40 minutes, bad, you know? kind of sad this stuff happens on a holiday. >> the father and others are at valley medical center. at this point there are no charges and chp says there is no indication drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash
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today, tonight all lanes of highway 101 are open. >> an investigation into an early morning fire in a sab jose apartment complex. it took three hourst;4l to bring the blaze under control, one firefighter went to the hospital with a fractured vertebrae and concussion. early indications that are a fire burning in a fireplace may have spread to the roof. >> some fempeople in redwood city are moving out tonight and some are staying to fight to convert night a complex. it's called peace harbor. abc 7 news has the story. >> they were leaving with all belongings, this after living here aboard the boat.
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>> it's wonderful and we've enjoyed it. >> most people living on the boats have left. yellow tapes mark empty berths. only 36 of the 88 tenants are still here, all given notices that they would have to move by mid$e7& january. pete's widow wants to sell to a developer planning to build a 411 unit apartment ask condo complex. the family attorney says all leases were month to month, noting waits for sale, saying this was pete's vision a hasher built five decades ago it will bring $2.4 hillin of appropriate tax into the city. creating 2000 jobs in the community. >> a group is fighting the development. buckly and wendy stone live add board their cruiser 20 years.
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they don't know where they're going. >> i'm on a fixed income. i can't afford to put a first and last down someplace. >> buckly has no hard feelings against her saying she helped him when he had cancer and worry about the berth rental when sick. >> she brought me food, we're friends. >> he says the fight is to private ties the outer harbor which they're leasing from the state. it's now open to the public, anyone can rent a berth there. the new project will limit to residents of the complex. >> the state says only so long used as a commercial harbor and marina. >> the planning marina approved the project. the tennent group filed an appeal. the redwood city council will hear appeal on january 28 but may be too late for tenants because they've been told to move out by january 15th. two weeks before the hearing.
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vic lee abc 7 news. >> black friday shopping is rolling along in the bay area tonight. no sign of alt indications, it's been smooth sailing. shoppers had been waiting for days outside of a best buy made their way into a store, abc 7 news is live in burlingame wex begin live at stoneridge mall. >> hi, good evening to you. speaking of people lining up, people were lined up outside of this mall last night because for the first black friday ever, it opened at midnight. since then there has been a steady flow of thousands of shoppers some i spoke with tell me this is the best customer service and the best black friday deals they have seen today.
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this is a tradition many look forward to as soon as thanksgiving dinner is digested. >> go this every year, we have for yours years and years. >> this resident made this pilgrimage since 1980s. >> there is a great aunt that would drive to get her, so we liked this mall. >> they come for good deals and quality time together. it's a date with her shopping list. we caught up with her, she made four trips to her car to drop off bags. >> i worked yesterday and took today off so we can go shopping. >> they know this is something i love to do. >> it's a good sign for retailers. the federation estimates sales increase 4.1% this year and if
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there is an indication that likely will be reality. there are shoppers on a mission who came with a plan. >> we don't do crazy things waking up at 10:00 or 10:00 at night and wait in lines, we do the quick thing it's just like we know what we want. we go to stores. and get what we want. >> there are those that came on a whim. >> i haven't been out in 10 years. i just wanted to see the deals out there. >> 147 million people expected to shop this black friday weekend. a number making some shoppers want to stay away from the malls for the rest of the season. >> favorite part will be leaving, going to have lunch arks voiding stores until off hours or something. >> if you missed out on deals, malls have holiday hours tonight this, mall open until
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10:00 tonight. deals continue through sunday. there is plenty of time. >> keira, thank you. two thieves captured after they broke a parked car and snatch an ipad. police at the scene say victims saw what happened and they called police. officers stopped a suspect on 19th avenue. they took off and abandoned the car more than two miles away. >> trying to pull it over. off officers saw it stopped in the street. >> police are discounting reports of gunshots. they say the suspects car was damaged but no reports of that vehicle being stolen. >> not everyone heading to mall owes on this black friday. main streetséoóz are vying for attention and spending but it's a struggle. abc 7 news is live on broadway in burlingame.
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america 23 million small businesses are important part of the economy. california leads the nation in the number of failures they're feeling a lot of pressure now because of competition from the malls and also, from the uncertainty of tax rates. this boutique owner usually has two sales people to help. not this year, she's working because she may be facing a spike in taxes in the new year. the so called fiscal cliff. about half of the small businesses pay taxes at a 35% rate. so without a tax deal, rates could spike to 42% n addition she is postponing orders for bring merchandise. >> we've had to small a bunch of stouf make sure it's going to be okay for next season. >> did that hurt you?. >> absolutely. bigger stores able to carry out the lines you know they get them earlier than we do. we follow them out so, long. >> small business owners
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worried whether they'll northbound business next year. this is one of them. >> you don't want to lose it all after 30 years in business. that would be a terrible thing. there is a lot of small business owners are single. >> small business owners feeling the squeeze of deep discounting by large national chains that set up shop on main streets once domain on small business. >> everyone talking about black friday and about 50, 60% of. you can't compete. >> i cannot do that. people want to stay away from malls. they don't want any part of it. that is what saved me. >> wlak friday followed by small business saturday to get shoppers to support stores owned by sole pro priorities 6t of the small shops disappear you do like the support those. unfortunately you get a small coffee shop and certain people like to support the small shop. then you'll have it what it is.
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>> small business owners say they work hard to provide quality merchandise and great customer service. >> close call on the bay. still to come at 6:00 holiday excursion turning into an ordeal for passenger as board these yagts. >> california ban on shark fin soup. >> looking at clear skies will this weather hold throughout the weekend is in the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and will it be collin or alex? have niners made the call on
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scary moments for the passengers of a yacht on san francisco bay. the large boat 300 feet from the pier when it began to take on water, seven people were on board as well as a dog, cat and snake. the yacht was towed back to shore. >> california's new law banning the sale of shark fin set to take affect january 1. some members of the chinese community aren't ready to let it go into effect without a fight.
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>> the practice of cutting off a shark fin then> what laws are is that you cannot hold the fin. you can hold other parts of the shark but cannot have the fin. >> today they say he is
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worried about the small import qlorz might go out of business now. supporters say they're trying to stop the cruel practice known as finning. the fin is removed and rest of the shark thrown in to die. he and cna say that that is the case this is not the best approach. feeling it's discrime in a tori. >> you can go to cost could or other stores have shark steak. you cannot have shark fin. it's an argument there is a sense of injustice and discrimination its ut ragis. and also, unacceptable that consuming shark fin can lead to a jail term of six months by possessing a small quantity of marijuana in public is not illegal. >> paul fong co-authored the bill. >> there is a finning outside of the u.s. waters. they're killing sharks at a rate of 73 million per,h
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>> cna says it will take the fight to the supreme court necessary. >> thank you. >> in sonoma county it's salmon drawing attention thanks to fish returning to local rivers and streams. wayne freedman learned today one of the best places to watch them is a winery. >> do you like this? >> the dry creek valley, they come for the wine. and they know they stay for the fish. there are&c2! big one ones in y creek. >> they're getting ready to lay eggs.. >> a chinook -- choonic just back from the sea. this year, they're returning in record numbers.. >> excess of 6300 fish. >> you counted?. >> yes. >> that is dr. greg hearton of
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the sonoma county water agency. they know this number because they have video and have counted fish moving upstream. the agency focused on coho and steelhead but seeing this in such record numbers bodes well. >> just an indication of how good conditions are. >> unless you know what you're looking for they're difficult to see. once spotting them, take a cram on the end of a stick... you'll see it this fish is days from laying eggs on the sandy bottom and continuing the life cycle. kl surprised it silver. pretty... amazing. >> they're ordering pinot and watching.
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>> looks like a fun way to spend the day. >> yes. yes. >> well, weather looking good, too. >> yes. >> great day for looking at salmon or uncorking a bottle. in emeryville looking at clear skies across the bay area, we've had mild weather last couple days today, the day after thanksgiving. we've got more weather coming our way. current temperature readings on the mild side. 60 degrees in san francisco. 62 across the bay. these are the forecastc: features will be sunny, milder tomorrow. gradual cooling begins on sunday but will be pleasant sunday throughout tuesday. we're going to get a drenching before it's over. overnight tonight, clear skies
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develop and will be chilly up north. lows dropping into upper 40s, mainly 40s for the remainder of the bay area, big ridge of high pressure is dominating our weather now. storm track guiding. 7:00 this evening, we head into saturday, we'll see sunny skies once again and another mild day, milder than today. fog returns and still a mainly conditions. starting tuesday, rain arriving wednesday on thursday, and again, on friday so it's going to be wet from middle of the week into weekend be prepared for a significant change. tomorrow, we continue with mild november weather, sunny skies into the south bay. highs into low 70s.
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70 in redwood city. check out the coast. kout san francisco, highs 68. sunset district, 66. north bay, 72 in santa rosa. 70 in napa. 70 in newark, highs around or just above 70 in most locations. inland locations sizzle. here is the accu-weather forecast. gradual cooling. sunday through tuesday still ples yabt. clouds thicken ask rain begins to pour down wednesday, continuing thursday and friday. so some wet weather coming our way next week. >> terrific weekend. >> yes. great weekend. >> we invite you to be a part of the abc 7 share your
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holiday food drive which is december 12th. >> taking your donations for local food banks. if you want more information go to our web site. >> effort by pot growers to stay one step head of
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black friday protests got rowdy in los angeles, nine people arrested when blocking streets in front of a walmart in mayorra mount. organizers say 17 joined the protests that did not seem to hurt a bottom line for walmart. they're reporting sales from thanksgiving night. >> illegal marijuana grower goesing green, authorities say they're using solar power operate operations that remain off the grid. growers here in california are stealing solar panels from vineyards. agents in new mexico raided the facility and seized around 250 plants that were between 6
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and eight feet tall. >> california patrol looking for new recruits. chp plans to start taking applications in january but becoming an officer is not easy. this process weeds out 97% of applicants. applicants must pass evaluations. >> just head on abc 7 news at 6:00 remembering innocent victim of a deadly crime. memories of a south bay man killed during a senseless crime spree. >> and protestors into the streets by the tens of thousands.. >> they're getting ready owe right the christmas tree in union square, we're going take you to the big event in the
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largest shopping district.
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a south bay family not spending the holiday like most of us. instead of big meals they're planning a funeral fr a homicide gym. a -- victim. a grieving father and brother sat down in a story you'll see only on 7. rory is looking forjo
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than his brother. emotions are his own. >> as an older brother you feel like you should be there to protect your, you know, your baby bro. and i was really frustrated i wasn't there. >> the memorial continues to grow, police are working around the dlok find the second person they say is responsible this, is a sketch of the suspect. there is a reward and a plea from the father. >> i was hoping he turns himself in before hurting anyone wells. >> police arrested jonathansñ willbanks and this murder could make it a possible death penalty case. dylan hope that's is what happens. >> i'd love to see him you know... sit there and rot for a little whit while, think
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about what he's done. and i would absolutely love to see him die. >> the family is balancing both anger and grief. they're planning rory's memorial service on saturday. and this event is open to the public. >> the support i've gotten from the city and residents of campbell, um...> when the death is so senseless, sometimes a community can help the healing begin. in campbell a bcht c 7 news. >> so sad. police are trying to find the gunman who fired shots outside of a nightclub and left two injured. employees say several people got into a fight. the argument spilled into the parking lot. 50 people were watching.
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they started fighting and shooting at each other. two men were wounded. >> tonight palestinians say israeli violations make the situation fragile, one palestinian killed and 19 others injured today in a skrimidge. this video shows a soldier waving the crowd back, then assuming firing position. officials say soldiers fired shots into the air when when palestinians didn't move back, they shot their legs protestors gathered today, protesting what critics call a power grab. he gave himself near absolute power he says are needed. he was elected after the ball
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of mubarak. >> the family of hector macho cam yacho made a painful decision tonight. a short time ago his mother announced she'll have doctors remove her son from life support once her son arrived to the hospital. the 50-year-old was shot on tuesday night as he sat in a car with a friend,. friend was killed. doctors declared him clinically brain dead, family members battled over whether to remove him from life support. his son said his dad was a boxer and they're going to let him fight for his life. can wants mexico to be remaimed mexico. it was adopted in 1824. he has just a week left in the term.
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according to newspapers critics think the name should be changed to fraudland, reflecting corruption in his administration. >> another line live is returning to normal in new york city. tomorrow morning the gas rationing system put gis plk83 in the wake of the storm will be lifted. 85% of the gas stations in manhattan are now running. during the past three weeks, drivers have been allowed to gas up every other day based on whether their plate ends with an odd or even number. >> shoppers behaving badly a massachusetts man is in trouble for leaving a 2-year-old alone in a car while he went inside of a k mart to buy a 5 inch television, smash smashed the window taking the toddler away. the man got out of the store he thought the baby was gone and he called a friend to take him, and the tv home.
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the baby's mom was at work at the time. >> unbelievable. >> still to come mike
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if you're out shopping and using a smart phone, be warned police say thieves are ready to snatch it out of your hand. >> they're tracking an app to use if it's stolen. >> police say a tracking app is a best chance of getting a phone back from a thief.
6:39 pm
how likely are you to find the guy that ran off with it? we tried one out. >> you're walking and texting on a bus plugged into your ear buds, you're risking theft. >> we see robberies involve a smart phone. >> they're than a thousand phone robberies from january to august, it happened to this man on a train. >> just reached down, grabbed a phone, he took off like a track star. >> best thing is to have applications. >> police recommend an app find my iphone. can it find your phone? now, this intern's job is to =ñ y iphone, identifying our device.
6:40 pm
the green dot pin points the location, zooming in. there is the iphone. lose leesa uses another iphone to track down thieves. the map shows the phone inside of the green area. >> this is that park. >> if we're here. >> maybe she's reading wrong. she gets help from a friend. >> that is the side right? >> yes. >> so this is jackson. >> they should be on this edge overu:+zx here. >> our thieves are not there, either. >> this should be on davis, jackson, where we are. and i don't see them. >> this button makes the alarm
6:41 pm
go off, however, she doesn't hear alarms. we get a little hint. the thieves inside of a coffee shop. now, she's getting warm. she hits alarm button again, this time, it's eureka. >> hello. look at that. it's ringing. she finds our phone inside of a coffee roaster, it required a little cheating. lisa says/zú% it's still a worth while app just realize locator isn't that precise. >> i was running around like a crazy person inside of the park looking for them. they were watching me cross the street from a coffee shop. find my iphone is a free app on your phone, though you do need to activate it.jríloz police say they let you wipe data off the phone so your identity won't be stolen with your phone. >> that is a useful tool.
6:42 pm
just ahead making a difference in a tough neighborhood. >> just seeking not a program but just a place to stay. >> next a center rescuing
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the economy is hitting
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residents hard. at an abc 7 event in contra costa county we learned about an organization that is a beacon of hope for homeless and drug addicts across the bay area. >> walking into the doors of the rescue mission. you know this isn't your typical center serving the homeless and drug addicted. >> trying to do everything is not going to work. >> that is a new mind set. >> people tell you you shouldn't do it. nobody tells you why. >> i get to be a sounding board for lady goesing through same things i have. >> ways a homeless cocaine addict. >> john ander soon speaks they listen, not just because he went from being a successful
6:46 pm
businessman. >> i spent $65,000 a year on cocaine. i walk wade from everything. and ended up homeless on the streets. in san diego. job skills training, education, family skills and life skills. how can people as soon as they have tools when they're ready to leave they can be successful. >> sherm win harris came here in 1994 after losing it all to drugs he remembers where he was sleeping when he decided to change his life. >> and this is a place to stay and get rest, really. i thought i was going to have another run. the lord had a plan for me. >> more than $8 million worth of food comes to the bay area every year. a third of that they keep.
6:47 pm
the rest goes people living in the community. >> we weathered most of the economic challenges fairly well. here the donations dropped off. to the point we had to layoff five people, five staff members and cut back on expenses best we could he says one fournl of the staff is made up of graduates from the recovery program z like maxine mars what they bring is invaluable. >> if you'd like to help you can call. we also have a link to the web site fchl you're group would like to host an event go to abc 7 and click on where it says community. >> spencer back with what promises to be a fantastic weekend. >> this is a view looking
6:48 pm
eastward. going back nornl ward. fun out there on the bay today, sunset at 4:53 owe so days are getting shorter. high temperatures state wide tomorrow mild from top to bottom down south. 79 in los angeles. 61 sachblgt miltd weather here in the bay area. low 70s around the bay and inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. a cooler sunday but still mild ples wrant day.uaahy highs into upper 60s inland and around the bay. and cooler with clouds thickening and rains beginning to pour. going to be a wet second half of the week. >> sounds good. thank you. >> spencer has video of an event. >> is tree lighting right?
6:49 pm
right? >> yes. >> it's gorgeous. 25,000 people packed union square to see the lighting. that is more than double the number showing up last year. they lit the tree just minutes ago. >> it's got p p,000 lights and more than 11 hurn ornaments. >> that is mesmerizing it is. >> christmas in the park celebrating it's 33 year nice.+ >> coming up 49ers coach jim harbaugh not
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hope you'll join me tonight at 9:00. how one couple created what might be the ultimate road block. >> money's best friend and language. a big difference between how dogs and humans learn, what it means for communicating with your pet coming up at 9:00 and >> jism harbaugh met the media today, just short of saying nah, nah, nah. >> one of the classic sound bytes we've come to enjoy. >> yes. first question who will start at quarterback sunday? the answer? we feel there is no competitive advantage to release that information for our organization or team. yes. safety daunte witnessner says
6:53 pm
collin capernik will be the start yemplt it's friday. now, alex hasn't been cleared to play. here is coach talking sticks and stones.. >> this is not something we think is an advantage to talk about. and you may have your opinions on it. it's that unorthodox. you know? so be it. you know? you can call me names if you want. or... make sport of me. but rpz that is the way we're going to go about it. >> don't call names. no quarterback issues at stanford, kevin hogan making sure of winning to win the pack 12 north should they beat ucla tomorrow. the bruins coming off a huge win saturday, they cinch a
6:54 pm
south title. you can say stanford has more to play for. a win, they're north champs and hosting title game against ucla. >> it's down the road. this is a week of practice. and f.something else happens we'll be prepared for it i'm counting on team maturity. we've talked about last week's game doesn't help this week's game. we finish on a high, now, coming back next week starting from ground zero. >> now, i grew up going to husky games soy know how important apple cup is. there is a hatred between uduv and was yu. how about the coaches today? both do ta,000 should they win.;yñ clauses in the contract this one in pullman. in overtime, bad, bad decision trying to throwz::a it, thank y.
6:55 pm
he knewso to see this. >> he's pulled down. no score, game continues. fans turn for messing something up. tubing it. 31-28, up 28-10. first win of the year ending a losing streak. and big 10 title game huskers trailing in the end zone. corn huskers in regulation along wailly intercepts james vandenberg. riveting highlights, i know. lsu facing arkansas second quarter lsu on the move. zach netten berger over themjiq% middle and and is this for real? one handed and unreal.
6:56 pm
final second... final play. l1ól/5 business, it's off to a start for the season make it 5-0 playing lower pacific today right? 32 yesterday 16 today. story early was ross riviera. driving, scoring two of his 18 gales. tigers shoot 53% from the field. lor yenzo mccool, you mccan. gales first loss of the year, warriors in denver tonight. david lee driving, blocked. nuggets other way. cory brewer, no.
6:57 pm
behind him now 31-30, warriors. that is this abc 7 sports report. brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> thank you. >> yes. >> that is it nor edition of abc 7 news. from the entire abc 7 news team good night. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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this is jeopardy! let's meet today's contestants -- a blogger from madison, wisconsin... a law student from san diego, california... and our returning champion, a senate staff aide originally from iowa city, iowa... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thank you, johnny. tlemen, welcome. it's post-turkey time, and the big question backstage is will paul, our champion, win his sixth game in a row without coming up with the correct response in final jeopardy!? we're gonna find out in this half-hour. jake and amanda, good luck to you. and to you, too, paul.

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